Talk to me!

Ok, so it appears the contact page is working – Yee-haw! So drop me a line, already! On to updating the portfolio page, adding stuff I’ve already written so I can get to writing new stuff. (Stuff, stuff, stuff. I can just hear my high school history teacher yelling at me for using the word “stuff.” We weren’t allowed to use the words “stuff”, “thing”, or “junk” in his class. Good guy, though.)

Contact me….

Still trying to get the website re-design done. Working on the freaking 3@^%@#&*(&!!!! contact page. For some reason, Yahoo! blocks any and all WordPress contact form plug-ins so I have been working on this for hours, if not days.  I am literally ready to scream at something.

I thought WordPress was supposed to make my life easier, not harder. #WordpressFAIL