Saturday Link-Love

Happy Halloween! Hope your Saturday is treating you well. Here are a few of the week’s best links:

First, a little horn-tootin’. I am humbled and honored to be included on this list of 50 Eye-Opening Women’s Studies Blogs, along with some of the great feminist blogs on this list. Check it out!

Ashley at the Small Strokes blog has a new project: This is What a Beautiful Bride Looks Like, which features pictures of real brides. Here’s a description of the site, in Ashley’s own words:

As an engaged woman who loves her body, I am sick and tired of seeing ads for “Wedding Weightloss” routines and images of 100% “perfect,” unattainable brides! Here, I hope to collect some pictures of brides with REAL beauty! To submit a photo, e-mail samsanator(at)gmail(dot)com

On Thursday, I participated in a Conference Call with Rep. Cynthis Lummis (R-WY). BlogHer has now posted the full transcript of the event, including my Q&A with the congresswoman.

Finally, here’s a little Halloween fun for ya. The fab team at Bitch Media has put together an awesome list of Feminist Halloween Costumes. I love the idea of going as one of Jem and the Holograms.